Kacper from Zelechow was born on 18th of May 2005 with congenital skeletal system defect -  PFFD. As a result, one of his legs is shorter.  Nowadays, the difference is 29 cm and it gets deepen. Kacper’s dream is to become a sportsman, play football and run fast. To make the dream comes true, about 200 thousand dollars is necessary for the first complex surgery, which must be held as soon as possible. Unfortunately such amount is beyond the family’s capability, therefore we kindly ask you to JOIN the action and to make a donation or entrust 1% of your tax.






Kacper is under the Foundation Polsat care:

04-175 Warszawa, ul. Ostrobramska 77
KRS: 0000135921 NIP: 525-15-75-456

Bank accounts belong to the Foundation POLSAT

  • FlagPLPOLSKA, the first opportunity – donation from polish bank:

Nr 21 1680 1248 0000 3333 4444 5555
with a note in the title’s transfer: "Kacper Makuch 2199":

  • FlagPLPOLSKA the second opportunity - 1% of tax in favor of  OPP: Fundacja POLSAT
    KRS: 0000135921
    Necessarily with a note:"Kacper Makuch 2199"
  • FlagEUALL OTHER COUNTRIES - foreign transfer, outside Poland:

SWIFT/BIC: IVSEPLPP, IBAN: PL21 1680 1248 0000 3333 4444 5555
Please attach: "Kacper Makuch 2199"

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